Fitness Classes

At Madtown Twisters, we believe in providing a positive, healthy, and fun environment no matter what you are learning or doing.

Madtown Twisters Ninja Training Classes
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Achieve Quality of Life with Your Fitness Goals

With our fitness classes, we help you achieve your personal fitness goals, as well as provide you with the tools necessary to a better way of life through proper movement. We want you to not only be able to move, but move better for a more fulfilling quality of life.

Why Join Madtown Twisters Fitness?

Our Twisters Fitness Programs are just like you—unique. At Madtown Twisters, you will become part of our family! You will receive support and encouragement from our coaches, who will help you achieve the goals you have set.

Whether you are just starting an exercise program, looking to strengthen and tone up a few areas, or looking for a new challenge, Twisters Fitness has a program for you! We work hard to help you achieve your personal best.

Fitness Is Fun at Madtown Twisters

At Madtown Twisters, you will experience that fitness is fun and not something you have to do, but something you WANT to do. You will find our classes are a welcome break from all the deadlines, stresses, and chaos of everyday life. We invite you to set aside some “me” time and find the fitness option that will work best for you.