History of Madtown Twisters Gymnastics

Wendy Brown & Charles Cotter - Madtown Twisters

Wendy Brown and Charles Cotter are the owners of Madtown Twisters.

Wendy and Charley met more than 30 years ago while both were involved in competitive gymnastics in the UW system. Both fitness nuts, they seemed the perfect fit, going on to marry and open one of Madison’s best recognized, most successful gymnastic facilities. They began Madtown Twisters in 1982 in one location. They have operated multiple locations for many years, and  just recently are back to one West Madison location.

Coaching Competitive Gymnastics in Wisconsin

For over 30 years, Madtown Twisters has trained and coached some of Wisconsin’s most competitive gymnasts and cheerleading teams, a few of which have progressed to the national level. Learn more about Team Gymnastics at Madtown Twisters.