Boys Gymnastics Coach Liz Virnig Wins Coach of the Year

gymnastics coach of the year award for Liz VernigOur Head Boys Gymnastics Team Coach and Boys Program Director, Liz Virnig, was named Coach of the Year by the Wisconsin Coaches Association in 2013. It was a very proud moment for Madtown Twisters, as Liz Virnig made history, being among one of the few women to be nominated for the Men’s Gymnastics Coach of the Year.

Of course, this comes to no surprise to us here at Madtown Twisters, as we have seen her, day in and day out, work those boys to their full potential.

Below is the nomination that Liz received for Coach of the Year:

“I believe the result of a good coach is not just winning medals or high enrollment, but of the production of quality kids with good habits for life. This is why I am nominating Liz from Madtown Twisters. I have had the pleasure of befriending her and rotating with her at competition quite frequently. What I have learned about her style and her athletes is that through fun, respect, camaraderie and teamwork, great things can be achieved. I truly believe that Liz encompasses positive attributes and passes along quality support to her team; hopefully those life lessons will be continued for future teams through this nomination for coach of the year.”

Coach Liz responded to this very special nomination:

“I would not be where I am today without the support of Charley and Wendy. They took a chance on letting me bring a competitive boys gymnastics program back to Madtown Twisters in 2006 with only 4 gymnasts to begin, and at that point we were 1 of 2 clubs in Madison that had a competitive boys gymnastics program. Since then they have supported me and encouraged me. Right now they are in the process of renovating the gym to give the boys program a more functional and optimal area. I am so fortunate to have owners that support the boys program like this. I know that this is a big investment in not only myself, but also the boys program. Now we have a program that had the most level 4s in the state this season with more joining the program this summer. The success of the program and my success as a coach would not be possible without Pete and Zach helping me with this program. They may not attend the meets but they are key people in this program as well.”

Liz Vernig Boys Gymnastics Coach Madison WIWhat Liz had to say about getting the Coach of the Year Award:

“Honestly, I think I am still in shock with being awarded this honor.The coaches that were nominated this year are all amazing coaches with great programs or are on the way to becoming great again. I feel honored just to have my name alongside these coaches, but I was chosen by my fellow coaches and judges in the state. This makes me happy, excited, and proud to be the Head Boys Coach at Madtown Twisters.

In this whole experience the moment that really touched my heart and made me even more proud to be a coach in this great sport and made me realize that I am making a difference in the lives of the boys in my program was that when I was announced as coach of the year. One of my gymnasts was bouncing up and down in excitement and saying, that “he just had a feeling that it was me, he couldn’t describe it, but he knew that was me.”

Then, another session later I come out to my vehicle and there is the front page of the state program under the windshield wiper and in black sharpie, “CONGRATS Liz Virnig Coach of the Year!”

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