Cheerleading at Madtown Twisters

In 2006, Madtown Twisters Gymnastics acquired an east Madison gymnastics facility that was home to the ASG Thunder All-Star Cheer Teams. cheer team Madison, WI

Madtown Twisters Cheer

Changing the name to Madtown Twisters Cheer, the competitive-based cheer program continued to grow as a part of Madtown Twisters. This program quickly became one of the premier programs in the Midwest, winning prestigious competitions including:

  • JamFest Super Nationals
  • Jam Live
  • US Finals

Fury Athletics of Madison

As the program prospered, so did the dreams of the coaching staff. Those dreams are now becoming reality as Madtown Twisters Cheer transitions to Fury Athletics of Madison….

They continue on their journey of “building a legacy” with the same expert coaching staff. Their new home is a 6,600-square-foot, state-of-the-art cheer training facility located on the East side of Madison.

Fury Athletics of Madison (FAM) will continue to be team-based program with a focus on stunting, tumbling, dance, and performance. FAM will also offer many skill-specific classes that will allow athletes to become the best they can be. FAM will offer full season and less commitment “prep” teams.

Cheerleading Teams Compete at Local, Regional, and National Levels

FAM Cheerleading Teams compete locally, regionally, and some teams, nationally. FAM is a no-cut program that welcomes every child to become their best. FAM does not require any specific skill level, just a desire to work hard and achieve personal and team goals.

Cheer Madtown Twisters

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