Madtown Virtual

Although we are thrilled to be open for live classes as of June 1st, We do have 2 months worth of virtual classes available for those that aren’t yet comfortable coming back to in person classes, or that would like a supplement to their in-person class. Classes will have daily and weekly activitites that can be done on your own schedule!

Virtual Pre-school-Appropriate for ages 2-6 yrs

Will include videos, color sheets, songs and more for you to do with your child at home. $35.00/month

Virtual Recreational Class-Appropriate for ages 6-12 yrs

Will include videos, strength, flexibility, and cardio exercises, and drills that can be done safely at home or in your yard. Gymnastics themed puzzles will also be included. $35.00/month

Virtual Boys and Ninja Class-Ages 6-11

Will included videos, strength, flexibility, cardio, and drill/courses that can be done safely at home or in your year. Puzzles and challenges also included. $35.00/month

Virtual Team -3 levels including Varsity and JV HSers

Will include daily strength and flexibility assignments, drills for skills that can be done safely at home, coach question and answers time, and group chats. Gymnastics themed games and puzzles will also be available. $100/month

Virtual Private Coaching/Feedback

Can be added to any other virtual class. Will include personalized assignments and drills, and direct feedback. $25/session