Special Needs Gymnastics

Ages 3-9 yrs

Madtown Twisters Special Needs Gymnastics Class is a 45 minute class where your child will learn gymnastics skills that vary from body awareness, to skipping, forward rolls and cartwheels. Experienced coaches will consider individual physical needs of each child and accommodate Physical/Occupational guidelines wherever possible. Your child will also learn social/emotional skills such as taking turns and making friends. Whether your child needs to burn energy, develop eye contact, practice bilateral coordination or perfect his/her cartwheel, this class is for you! Lots of Trampoline and Tumble-Trac time guaranteed. This class is for both parent and child.

“A Quiet Gym-Saturday” 8:15-9:00am-$85/month

Designed for children ages 3-9 yrs with Autism Spectrum Disorder/Sensory needs. Child and facilitator will participate in a distraction free gymnastics environment.