We know these are unprecedented and uncertain times.  We are all working to adjust in the best way possible.  We hope everyone is safe and healthy both mentally and physically during this difficult time.  Our hearts go out to everyone impacted by the virus, and we are wishing anyone who is sick a full and speedy recovery.   We missed you all so much and are so excited to have everyone back in the gym!

Update: Beginning July 13th all students, staff, and visitors will be required to wear masks at all times in the building in accordance with Dane County Ordinance.


Madtown Twisters-We are open!

Boys area moving to the front of the Gym!

Painting and Remodeling

Since we had to be closed, we have used this time for upgrades and remodeling! We have replaced all lights in our gym with energy efficient LEDs! We have been Cleaning, Painting and Remodeling! Check out some of our photos on Facebook!

Social Distancing

We have been planning for the new normal of social distancing. By adjusting schedules, reducing class sizes, directing traffic flow, and limiting observation room numbers, we have come up with a great plan to keep everyone safe!

Entrance and Exit Procedures

New entrance and exit procedures are in place to allow us to follow social distancing guidelines. And check out our freshly painted lobby!

Wellness Policy

Our new wellness policy involves regular temperature checks for staff, and specific requests of parents regarding keeping children home. We will offer unlimited make-ups for missed classes!

Cleaning, Cleaning, Cleaning!

Of course we will be doing continuous cleaning and sanitizing. Lobby areas, bathrooms and all high touch areas will be cleaned continuously. All gym equipment will be cleaned between classes. Full gym cleaning and sanitizing will also be done each night.


As of July 13th Dane County has mandated masks for all indoor activities outside of the home. Parents, Students, and Staff will all be required to wear masks. Classes will take outside breaks as needed.

3-14-20 Update

3-23-2020 Update

5/17/2020 update

5-25-2020 Update

07-07-2020 Update

Full COVID-19 Policies and Procedures