Madtown East becoming Lake City Twisters!

We are very pleased to announce Aubrie Davis will assume ownership of Madtown Twisters – East effective August 1st, 2019. Aubrie has a long and successful history with Madtown Twisters. She has been an outstanding Head Coach and Manager, and will no doubt do a great job with ownership and responsibility for all aspects of the east gym operations. 

As such, when participating at the east gym, effective August 1, 2019, you will officially be a customer of her company, ALYD,Inc. dba/ Lake City Twisters. Of course, there will be a transition period. Lake City Twisters business systems and website will be up and running very soon. For information or to register, please call the east gym at 608-245-9565.

We, Charley Cotter and Wendy Brown, owners of Madtown Twisters, have every confidence in and fully support this transition for Aubrie. We know the gym will be in great hands and that this transition will result in a very strong and long lasting east Madison program.

I, Aubrie Davis, wish to express my thanks to Charley, Wendy, Sarah and the entire Madtown Twisters Staff. I want to especially assure you, our east students and parents that I’ll work very hard to make this a success. I know this will go well and look forward to continuing and further developing a very successful gymnastics club.

Thank you!

Charley Cotter, Wendy Brown and Aubrie Davis

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