Girls Team Gymnastics

Madtown Twisters Girls Gymnastics Teams

Madtown Twisters Gymnastics offers two competitive programs for girls team gymnastics. Girls ages 6 and up are eligible to compete.

Madtown Twisters Junior Olympic Program

The Junior Olympic Program begins with compulsory gymnastics. Levels 2-5 are considered compulsory levels. All athletes at a given level compete the same skills and routines and are judged on their basic form and technique.

Levels 6-10 are considered optional levels. At these levels, gymnasts and coaches customize the routines with individual music choice, skill selection, and choreography. Skill and difficulty requirements vary depending on level.

The Junior Olympic gymnastics program requires a high level of commitment to the sport, especially at the optional levels. Gymnasts at the top level of this program (level 10) often receive college scholarships.

Madtown Twisters Xcel Program

The Xcel Program is a new program started by USA Gymnastics that provides an affordable competitive experience outside the traditional Junior Olympic program. Xcel offers the same team experience traveling to meets, earning awards, and making lifelong friendships.

Girls Gymnastics Competition Chicago MeetHowever, Xcel is more flexible, less demanding, and more affordable than the Junior Olympic program. Xcel has 5 competitive levels:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

Each level has different skill and difficulty requirements, and routines are customized with individual music choice, skill selection, and choreography.

The Xcel gymnastics program is an excellent choice for girls that love gymnastics and wish to compete, but are unable to commit the time necessary to be competitive in the Junior Olympics Program.

Girls Gymnastics Tryouts

Invitations to the Madtown Twisters Girls team go out twice a year—at the end of the fall season and in the spring. We select girls from our regular class programs based on skill level, strength, flexibility, and work ethic. Girls can also ask to be evaluated for the team program if they don’t receive an invite or are moving from another program.

Girls gymnastics teams of all levels are offered Madtown Twisters.

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