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About Us

Madtown's Owners and History

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Wendy Brown and Charles Cotter are the owners of Madtown Twisters.

Wendy and Charley met more than 30 years ago while both were involved in competitive gymnastics in the UW system. Both fitness nuts, they were the perfect fit and went on to marry and open one of Madison’s best-recognized, most successful gymnastic facilities. They began Madtown Twisters in 1982 in one location. They have operated multiple locations for many years and recently are back to one location in West Madison.


Madtown is furnished with Olympic-grade gymnastics equipment (e.g., AAI, Spieth, etc.), as well as tons of spotting, landing, and drilling mats/tools. Additional features include a workout/strength room and two rooms upstairs exclusive to our younger class kids.

Our basic equipment includes:
A Spring Floor + Side Floor
2 Vault Tables (Resi and Foam Landings Available)
5 High Beams, 2 Medium Beams, and MANY Floor Beams
3 Sets of Uneven Bars, 2 Sets of Stall Bars, 5 Single Rail Bars
2 Foam Pits
6 Trampolines
2 Tumble Tracks
A Strap Bar
A Trampoline Bar
Parallel Bars
A Pommel Horse
A Boys Single Rail
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