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Madtown Twisters offers a wealth of programs for children of all ages and experience levels. Our philosophy encompasses progressive and active learning in a positive environment that defines success as each child’s personal best. We take pride in our safe and hygienic facilities, complete with state-of-the-art equipment and certified professional trainers. 

Gymnastics Classes

Our extensive gymnastics classes can teach students the basics of artistic gymnastics to Olympic-level skills! At Madtown, we utilize gymnastics to not only help your child improve in strength, coordination, and flexibility but to also help them gain important life skills such as independence and perseverance all while having fun!


Special Needs

In a quiet and distraction-free gymnastics environment, Madtown welcomes all children with special needs to engage in physical activity and social interactions. Though it was originally designed for children with autism spectrum disorder, our class easily accommodates children with other special needs and is fun for all—even parents!


Ninja Classes

Madtown's ninja training classes incorporate speed, agility, fitness, and gymnastics to challenge your child's inner ninja! Designed to be fun and fast-paced, your child is sure to burn energy and gain confidence with new courses each week!

Private Lessons

Whether your child is a gymnast, diver, or dancer, Madtown offers private lessons to all types of athletes! This one-on-one format allows your child to spend extra time with one of our trained coaches to work on desired skills and improve overall strength and athleticism. 

Advantages of Gymnastics Involvement at Madtown

Physical and Cognitive Improvement


Starting your child in gymnastics is a great way to help build strong bones, flexibility, coordination, and strength. Your child will also learn discipline, gain social skills, and utilize both sides of their brain to promote cognitive growth. 

Positive Coaching


At Madtown, our coaches consistently provide positive and encouraging feedback, as well as attainable and clear corrections, that will promote your gymnast's confidence and allow them the best chance at success! 



At our gym, we like to remind all of our athletes that gymnastics is fun! Here, not only will your child learn fun and new skills, but they will also find joy in meeting new friends and discovering their strengths through their gymnastics journey.

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