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Boys Team Gymnastics


Developmental Program

Madtown's Developmental Program (formerly known as the Junior Olympic program) encompasses Level 4 through Level 10. This program begins with the Compulsory Levels (4-7) in which all athletes at a given level will compete the same skills/routines on all events nationwide. In these levels, gymnasts are judged heavily on form and technique. After compulsories, our gymnasts transition to the Optional Levels (8-10) where they have customized routines in regards to skills (the requirements and difficulty will differ between levels). Our Developmental Program requires a HIGH level of commitment to the sport, especially at the optional levels. Gymnasts at the top level of this program (level 10) often receive college scholarships.

Important Note: Liz Virnig, Madtown's Head Boys Team Coach, is the Wisconsin Mens Gymnastics Co-State Chair, and was recognized as Coach of the Year in 2013 and 2021 by the Wisconsin Coaches Association!

Want To Join Our Team?

At Madtown, we are always looking to grow our boys competitive team! As a result, we provide a variety of options in terms of invitations and tryouts.

  • Madtown Twisters Class Members: Boys team tryouts are held 1-2 times per year. If your child desires to compete but does not receive an invite or is moving from another program, please ask to be evaluated! 

  • Non-Madtown Athletes: We also welcome gymnasts from other gyms to try out for us! Please email Liz Virnig ( or call our office (608-829-2922) to set up an evaluation.

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