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Girls Team Gymnastics

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Our Programs

At Madtown Twisters, we offer two programs for girls competitive gymnastics—Developmental and Xcel. These programs differ in level of commitment and technique, but both emphasize the fun and professional nature of gymnastics.

Developmental Program

Madtown's Developmental Program (formerly known as the Junior Olympic program) encompasses Level 2 through Level 10.


This program begins with the Compulsory Levels (2-5) in which all athletes at a given level will compete the same skills/routines on all events nationwide. In these levels, gymnasts are judged heavily on form, technique, and poise. Our compulsory athletes practice between 4 and 15 hours a week depending on their level and compete in the fall.


After compulsories, our gymnasts transition to the Optional Levels (6-10) where they have customized routines in regards to music choice, choreography, and skills (the requirements and difficulty will differ between levels). Our optional athletes practice between 14 and 20 hours a week depending on their level and compete in the winter/spring.


Our Developmental Program requires a HIGH level of commitment to the sport, especially at higher compulsory and optional levels. Gymnasts at the top level of this program (level 10) often receive college scholarships.

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Xcel Program

Madtown's Xcel Program provides a similar team and competitive experience to the traditional Developmental Program, but with more flexibility and affordability, and less demand and commitment.


This program contains 5 competitive levels—Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Each level has different skill and difficulty requirements, and routines are customized with individual music choice, skill selection, and choreography. Our Xcel athletes practice between 4 and 10 hours a week depending on their level and compete in the winter/spring (Bronze can also be competed in the fall).


Our Xcel Program requires a LOW-MODERATE level of commitment. It is an excellent choice for girls that wish to be on team and compete, but are unable to commit to the time demands of the Developmental Program. We have found that this program better allows for your child to be involved in other sports and functions, while allowing them to pursue their love for gymnastics.


Want To Join Our Team?

At Madtown, we are always looking to grow our competitive teams! As a result, we provide a variety of options in terms of invitations and tryouts.

  • Madtown Twisters Class Members: Invitations to our girls team go out twice a year—at the end of the fall season and in the spring. We select girls from our regular class programs based on skill level, strength, flexibility, and work ethic. If your child desires to compete but does not receive an invite or is moving from another program, please ask to be evaluated! 

  • Non-Madtown Athletes: We also welcome gymnasts from other gyms to try out for us! While we occasionally hold public tryouts, we have found that private evaluations are ideal. Please email Sarah Nelson ( or call our office (608-829-2922) to set up an evaluation.

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