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Summer 2024 Opportunities

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Madtown Twisters offers a wealth of programs for children of all ages and experience levels. Our philosophy encompasses progressive and active learning in a positive environment that defines success as each child’s personal best. We take pride in our safe and hygienic facilities, complete with state-of-the-art equipment and certified professional trainers. 

Gymnastics Classes

Our extensive gymnastics classes can teach students the basics of artistic gymnastics to Olympic-level skills! At Madtown, we utilize gymnastics to not only help your child improve in strength, coordination, and flexibility but to also help them gain important life skills such as independence and perseverance all while having fun!


Kids Club

Keep your child social and active this summer with Madtown's Kids Club! On Monday and Wednesday mornings, Madtown welcomes children aged 3 (potty trained) to 10 to join us for gymnastics, time outside, crafts, and much more!


Ninja Friday's

Madtown's Ninja Friday is an energy-charged morning incorporating speed, agility, fitness, and gymnastics to challenge your child's inner ninja! Designed to be fun and fast-paced, your child will surely burn energy and gain confidence with plenty of trampoline and obstacle course training!

Play and Learn

Keep your little one curious and engaged this summer with Madtown's Play and Learn. On Tuesday mornings, Madtown offers kids aged 3 (potty trained) to 6 structured time to play outside, learn gymnastics, and bounce on our trampolines!

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